You are a female scientist on a special mission. Investigate an Earth-like planet far out in the Galaxy for its potential to sustain human life. That's what they told you anyway. Beneath the honorable facade of the mission, lies a sinister research into a potentially dangerous, yet intriguing method of FTL travel.

After crashing on the alien planet, you face situations no training could have prepared you for.

Perverse opportunities and indecent acts will uncover who you really are. The choices are many, and it’s up to you whether you want to keep your innocence or give into the tempting desires of this Malevolent Planet.

OS : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Version: v0.2.3

Developer: SugarMint - Patreon - Discord - F95zone - TFGamessite

Language: English

Genre: Adventure, Space, Big tits, Character Creation, Corruption, Female Protagonist, rpg, Simulator, Text-based, 2dcg


If you want to play offline, on PC:

  1. Download the .zip with the name Malevolent Planet v0.2.3 either in the attachments or on mega.
  2. Unzip it anywhere you'd like and open the newly created folder
  3. Launch the .html file, preferably through Chrome. The images folder should be in the same folder with the .html file


  1. Click Run Game on this page.

Alright, I think this release is in a fine enough shape for the release. With this update out of the way, we can resume the content flow while taking advantage of the new systems that have been built in.

v0.2.3 - 11th March 2022

v0.2.3 is a bugfixing update and comes with an announcement.

I've been working on an Unity Version for Malevolent Planet lately. Thanks to bearcore, the Lead Dev and Animator of Third Crisis, I've had a much easier time getting used to working in Unity and as a result, progress has been made pretty fast.

Below the link, you will find a bunch of early screenshots from the Unity game. I'm working on art for the game and I'm planning on releasing a demo as soon as we have something that will give you plenty of entertainment until a monthly public release schedule will be ready to commence. :)

This version includes a bunch of bugfixes and overall game text fixes, courtesy of DogDogDogDogDog, a very appreciated member of our public discord.

Click here for more info on the Unity version.

Install instructions


If you want to play offline, on PC:

  1. Download the .zip with the name Malevolent Planet v0.2.3 either in the attachments or on mega.
  2. Unzip it anywhere you'd like and open the newly created folder
  3. Launch the .html file, preferably through Chrome. The images folder should be in the same folder with the .html file


  1. Click Run Game on this page.


Malevolent Planet v0.2.3 Public 222 MB

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the one-piece swimsuit and the bikini bottom are incredibly bugged out. You just can’t take them off, and sometimes even strip blackjack won’t work

where is north gate?

North-West of the Village if I remember correctly. There should be an orange hover color if you have a quest in that area.

An error during the ship's party scene, get-to-know-you card game:

"Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: State.variables.Player.Likes is undefined"

Also, during the "show down" (vs Shyvan'sana) of the dance contest, when the combat window appeared, I tried to select "Charm", but nothing happened. I then tried to select "Seduce", still nothing happened. In fact, none of the actions worked. Not finding a way to win the contest.

I'll also try to fix this one by then as well.

(1 edit)

I found another problem: When I "fight" the tentacles or plant and defeat it, I get a message saying I have collected a sample and to look in my inventory to see how many I've collected, the inventory has none in it:

Thanks for the report. The text game will have an update in a month and I'll try to fix this by then.

Should be alright now. I hope I'll remember to make a different icon.

can you make it so that you can make the breasts bigger

During gameplay or more breast size choices in the beginning?


(1 edit)

When starting a new game, can no longer get past character creation screen. the button is missing or inactive.

This happens even with the downloaded copy.

The game was working fine last week, but not now. I have tried this on different browsers and on different PCs. Just can't get past the character creation screen.

(1 edit)

Fun little game. Thanks.

I am a bisexual girl, so I appreciated the one encounter with "Melissa" (in the "linear" "intro" part of the story). I hope there will be more lesbian encounters in future versions. (There is a picture on this website, above, depicting a second lesbian encounter, but I haven't encountered it (yet).)

Also, there are 2 quests I cant complete: "Viradium T" and "Hunt for Party Supplies". Neither has a time specified and "Hunt" also has a location, "Ship Upgrades" that isn't on any of the maps.

Also, there were several places in the text where "bosom" was used to refer to the buttocks (or "butt" or "ass"). Bosom actually refers to breasts.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and I'm happy you like it! There's more lesbian content in the Festival Quest with Sarah and Melissa.

Sadly, about these issues you encountered, I'm the sole dev for this game and the game has gotten really big so it's gotten harder fixing stuff. Right now I'm making an Unity version for Malevolent Planet and it's getting a day0 release soon.
After that, I'll return for a few weeks to the text game to fix some bugs and to add more content.

Sorry for using "bosom" incorrectly :D I'm not a native English speaker so I thought it was interchangeable.


burning question I have

can you get pregnant in the game?

No, it's pretty hard to draw different "visible pregnancy levels" underneath every body.

(1 edit) (+3)(-6)

Im taking your code to make my game because i have no fukin idea how to do it myself (For inventory and other things but not story or images as those are considered copyright)

edit: holy shit theres so much here! how am i gonna sort through it all?!!


The code is considered copyright, too.


This game is amazing! Though will Morris be romanceable?


I'm making an expanded version of Malevolent Planet in Unity. I'm not sure if Morris is supposed to be romanceable but we can figure something out with time :D 


This game is actually amazing! When is the next update planned? 


I'm making an expanded version of Malevolent Planet in Unity. Day0 is releasing soon and will be playable on itch. An update to the text version will come as well a few weeks after Day0.

Sounds awesome! Can't wait for it to come out! 

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ohh this is nice!There's only few games apart from otome games that appeal to straight girls. I enjoy the game format since I play games with a lot of texting anyways lol

I highly recommend playing with JoiPlay for android users. Google Play

not entirely sure what to do. it's not showing images here and it won't let me get that menu thing out of the way. (this is on the customization screen.)

I recommend this app to open the HTML file on Android.

Generally, it won't show images because Chrome, your browser, doesn't have access to local storage files or something like that. Sorry for the inconvenience. I think the itch online version works fine on mobile devices though.

yeah it's no problem, thank you for at least trying to help. a lot of devs for games like this don't really help a lot 

No problem. Because of this, when I tried HTML games on my phone I had to use that app I linked. It's the only one that loads the images in without issues. Can't find it on the normal Play Store though.

(I am plaing in browser on (Android) mobile.)

How can I switch from "portrait" to "landscape"?

(With previous versions, all you had to do was tilt the phone.)

If you'd like, I can enable the option that would let you automatically orientate the display based on the tilt. The issue is that the UI was calibrated for portrait mode, not for landscape mode so I forced portrait to prevent issues.

Hi there!! Sadly, when I played online and saved and went back to it the next day, all of my saves were deleted. I didn't clear my history at all so I'm confused why it did this

I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes the browser clears the cache by itself and it's recommended to make a manual (local) save once in a while. It could also be an iframe issue because my chrome saves stayed there most of the time.

Hey there. Just a thought but how about adding horizontal screen in. Vertical gave me this.

That's strange. It should force portrait orientation. I'll check it out.

That's only in the online version. The offline one works fine, though you might wanna fix it so that the UI scales down when in horizontal.

(1 edit)

I will see about that. Thanks for the report!

I want to enabe images, please. 

Try Local HTML Viewer. If you open the html file with that, you should be able to view images.

I'll play online instead

(1 edit)

Can you please make the image folders unified? It totally clutters my phone's gallery. There are 100+ folders. Is it possible to change them into one big folder?


I'll see what I can do, but it's not very easy because the code depends on the paths of the images.

Is there a way to disable images and just texts?

Not right now, I didn't know such a feature would be requested.

where can i find list of earned kings?

Earned kings?

on party with humans shows timed messages in upper ryght corner, after answer on question.
for exampe somting like -
would you like threesome?
are you submisive or dominant?

I am watching this game pretty closly, since I saw it showcased by female secret agent. Enjoy it most of the time, especially the amount of CC options and the quality of the art, though im hoping you writing will continue to develop. Can i expect more humiliation and non-consent stuff?


Brilliant. Keep up the good work.

This is show, when I try load saved position

Try another browser or restart your current browser, it's generally a caching issue on itch.

(restart do not help)

Can I transfer saves to another browser?

...saves from older version is compatible with current?

Saves from previous versions aren't compatible with the latest one :( In the next update, one of my first focuses would be to make old saves work all the time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


will you make an male version of this game where everyone else is female and we are male ?


will you make an male version of this game where everyone else is female and we are male ?

Does this game offer some visual content except for nudity or just text-based?


There are drawings of some scenes, imagemaps, backgrounds. I try to put in as much art as I can, but there's a question of time because my art style isn't based on line-art, meaning that although the drawings can look more realistic, they take more time on average.

Sadly I couldn't find anything that attracts my attention. Too many texts and so little animations. I was hoping for something like Degrees of Lewdity. Anyways good luck with your game.


what? Ive played both and id argue this has better quality art. sure degrees of ludity has animations, but there shit. you play it for the text more than anything.

(1 edit)

Are there bad ends?

Not yet, but there will be as the game progresses into more content.

including erotic/bad endings...?


For some reason, I'm unable to see the characters image, the thing on the left side of the screen, no matter what I do. It just tells me that the image doesn't exist? Don't know what to do.

What browser and operating system do you use? 

Windows, and it opens in edge.

I have other games that open the same way and work fine, no idea why this one doesn't

Are you using incognito? Could you try Chrome?

I have tried in chrome, still doesn't work. neither are in incognito

Could you open inspect element and go to the console? I'm not able to reproduce this in any way, so it sounds like a case of the browser not having access to your local storage, which prevents images from loading in.

The new itch version doesn't seem to be working for me, it says error and Im missing things? and when I try the other downloadable version some of the images, like the avatar and the agents case files don't show up

Browser and Operating System? I am guessing Chrome on Linux.

Chrome on Windows, it's a desktop so I don't know the specifics. I had the same issues trying again on mobile, but that's to be expected using a phone.

I did manage to get it working using my dell laptop, I think I used Edge to do it as well, so maybe it's just chrome

Enjoyed it a lot, good luck with the rest of the design and title in general 

Hello, I just wanna ask - does the character avatar (tis just the silhouette) purposely do not appear in dialogues?  :D


Yes, I can mirror the player's body later, but that will require some special CSS skills and time. Right now I am focusing on writing content for the initial release of the life simulator version.

Not bad, not bad at all. High hopes towards this game's development are instilled.


Thanks :). I am constantly developing it. The next version will offer more freedom than the last public one released here on and the scenes that it will contain will be way more descriptive. If you would like to check my development updates, I post them as often as I can on my Patreon.

I really like the game, is the game complete?

Also I download it, but the html says no file is found? Can you help me? I downloaded it my phone (android)

The game is not complete, if you would like to supports its development click here.

You need to use and you need to have the .html file in a folder that also contains the images folder.

Ok thank you


her body ratio is so weird... like her waist is too long but the leg is too short, makes her looks like a midget

Deleted 2 years ago
(1 edit)

It has been changed. If you'll want to see an updated version, I will post a Patreon build (semi-public) on a preview scene I've been working on today or tomorrow.